Today I worked on a new project, put together a PowerPoint presentation for a new client, fielded texts from a panicked former boss (he misses me, awwww…), answered calls, wrote emails, made tea… Yes. I work remotely for several projects at once. More and more of us are working in our (ahem, rather glamourous, thank you) pyjamas. We pace more than those folks in open space offices. We are always on call – how did that happen? – and we have a wide and multifaceted network spread across continents. It’s very hard to turn off the switch. Some days I miss those “coffee breaks” that went on far longer than 15 minutes, I miss the watercooler convos, and I miss wearing pretty shoes to work.


I spent many years looking at Great Art and learning to wax lyrical on the distinctions in Mannerist paintings, only to discover that I really love creating content. I can’t paint or draw, I can only wax, but I CAN create great content for social marketing. It’s great fun to come upon new articles that draw back to a product or line in some oblique way, and I enjoy showing people how their content can stray from standard marketing practices. Talk about the Westminster Dog Show results in your blog if you are selling dog food/shampoo/raincoats! Keep your listeners entertained and informed. If all you tell them is what’s in Your Special Superfantastic Dog Food, they will wander off and read something else pretty sharpish.

Here I go!

Web Log, Star Date 17FEB12… My excursus into the digital and social media realities of the City that Never Sweeps. Wait… Sheeps? No, that’s not right.

From art nerd to food and wine nerd to web nerd to fish nerd and finally Nerd. Full stop.

I had dinner with an art nerd (par excellence, this one…) the other night, and at 51 he’s decided that he’s much more interested in Science than in History of Art. What happened there?? To be honest, there is so much Science out there in the media sphere, with Rock Star nerds like Prof. Brian Cox and dear old luvvie Stephen Fry and so on, that it’s hardly surprising that some of us Nerds got distracted from our dusty old libraries and museums. Suddenly Science is Sexy. And so is technology.

Whereas the Old Guard read business magazines, the New Guard read tech magazines. Fast Company, Wired and others sit on the same shelf as Fortune, Inc., and the HBR. The lines are blurred by the excitement of the new gadget, the shiny app, and all that social media and design imply. The decisions being taken about which technologies to employ in one’s business are defined by the new offspring of Apple, Microsoft, and Samsung. Marketing strategies are being designed to follow the race between Google and Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter… and whoever that new guy is coming over the horizon. Business has to keep up with technology. And frankly, it’s fun and shiny and cool and trendy. So why wouldn’t it?